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Parents / Caregivers

 Your role in expanding school breakfast

Parents and caregivers know their kids best. Advocating for the health and wellness of their kids by asking good questions and holding schools accountable to choices they make around school breakfast is a great step toward better breakfast.

Key Resources

Fact Sheet for Parents / Caregivers

Nebraska-specific information for parents including common concerns and solutions that have proven useful in other districts.

Nebraska School Breakfast Playbook

Everything you need to know to implement an alternative school breakfast model in your school or district. Get answers to common questions, tips and timelines, and great examples from right here in Nebraska.

Nebraska School Nutrition and Equity

Equity in school nutrition is a vital part of equity in education. Visit this Nebraska Appleseed webpage for Nebraska-specific district fact sheets and materials that can help you evaluate and improve your school nutrition programs.

 Why Alternative Breakfast Models?

  • School breakfast makes mornings easier. One less meal to prepare will reduce the morning to-do-list and get kids out the door faster.

  • School breakfasts meet strict federal nutritional guidelines for a nutritious meal. It’s an easy way to make sure your child starts the day ready to learn.

  • Alternative breakfast models give kids a second chance to eat. Whether your teenager isn’t hungry first thing in the morning, wants to sleep in, or they have a long bus ride, alternative breakfast models make sure kids aren’t starting the day hungry.

  • School breakfast helps your child learn. Hungry students often have trouble concentrating. When kids eat breakfast they perform better on tests, have fewer behavioral problems, and visit the school nurse less often.

National School Breakfast Resources